At Premier Lawns, Inc., we offer you total landscape maintenance, year round. Whether it be clean ups in the spring, mulch in the early summer, hedge trimming, bed guard & weed control, plant fertilization, or clean-ups in the fall, we do it all.

Bed Edge & Prep:
This service includes removal of unwanted vegetation such as weeds or grass that may be in the landscaping, and professional edging and shaping. This service redefines the mulch beds, and leaves them prepared for mulch application.

Mulch Application: We offer you the BEST dark, hardwood mulch. Mulch is evenly applied by our professionals to leave your beds looking beautiful and smooth, not clumpy and uneven. 

Bed Guard: This service includes annual maintenance of your mulch beds, including a pre-emergent application in the spring (before the weeds can pop up), mulch areation/tilling (or "fluffing"), and applications as necessary over the course of the summer to control weeds. 

Bush & Tree Pruning: We offer professional pruning and clean-up. This service includes trimming, cutting, and shaping of bushes or trees, and also includes clean-up and removal of any and all debris.

Plant Fertilization: Slow release tablets are placed at the base of the plants in your landscaping during the spring, and over the course of the season slowly feeds the plants.

Aaron - Landscape Maintenance Foreman
Contact Aaron directly at 419-979-6254