Premier Lawns, Inc. specializes in, but is not limited to highly manicured residential lawns, which we meticulously maintain. We have a large variety of machines and equipment to fulfill any job and fit any of your preferences. If you don't want the riding mower on your small lawn, we will use a smaller walk-behind or pushmower if you would like. We aren't a company that tries to get in and out in a hurry, we spend the necessary time required on each visit to leave the lawn looking exactly how you would like it. Below we have listed what lawn maintenance services we offer, not including our fertilization & weed control program.

Turf Mowing:
Services to be performed as necessary (5-14 days depending on weather and growth conditions) which includes cutting all turf areas with appropriate sized machine, string trimming/edging all beds, fences, sidewalks and areas inaccessible by the mower, and then blowing the clippings and mower debris off the sidewalks, driveways, patios and out of the mulch beds. We will also pick up any branches or limbs that are in the lawn each visit.

Leaf Vacuum: In autumn when the leaves begin to fall, instead of piling them at the street, we offer 100% leaf removal from your property. We will vacuum the pile and take it with us! We offer this service because piles at the street often lead to a big dead spot in the grass, not to mention half the leaves blow back into the lawn to be cleaned up again. With the vacuum program the leaves are gone once and for all.

Core Areation: This service is performed in the fall to remove small cores of soil to reduce compaction and improve the ability of the grass roots to expand into the soil.

Scott Huddleston - Turf Management Foreman
Contact Scott directly at 419.979.6261