Premier Lawns, Inc. was officially started in 1997, after 6 years of business under the name "Joe's Lawn Care". Joe acquired his first customer at 12 years of age along his paper route, starting out with a "push mower and a witch's broom". Initially, Joe was saving up money to buy a car when he turned 16, but inevitibly, his business flourished. During his senior year at Lima Central Catholic High School, Joe was nominated for the 1996 West Central Ohio Entrepreneur's Award. After spending a short time at the University of Cincinnati, Joe realized his true passion was for his business. After 10 years of growth, Premier Lawns, Inc. now has 3 crews with up to 11 employees during the summer months, and serves nearly 250 customers in and surrounding the Lima area with a broad range of lawn and landscape maintenance services. Premier Lawns, Inc. is always striving for new and unique ways of serving their customers, to provide them with worry free, professional total lawn and landscape maintenance.

Premier Lawns, Inc. President Joseph R. Bornhorst


At Premier Lawns, Inc., we are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small the job is, we strive for absolute perfection. Our employees have been trained to have a keen eye and extreme attention to detail to ensure you of the most professional service possible.